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South Carolina Citizens for Life

has helped to save more than 202,088 babies since 1988. 

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2021 Memorials

Katherine Brennan

Malcolm Brennan

Dorothy Day

Julie Dever

George Kost

Agnes Lyncheski

Gyoparka Makk

Beth Sheheen McFadden

Mrs. Linda Nicholls

Pastor Bob Shearer

Mac Sheheen

Mrs. Pat Stafford

2020 Memorials

Brenda Ballew

Teresa Bays

James "Jimmie" Roncalli Cockfield

Jacqueline Cooper

Dorothy Day

Millet DeAngles

Estelita DeLeon

Thomas D. DeMasi

Rev. William L. Gatling, Jr.

Viv Gwin

Susanna Iacovelli

Baby Lewis - 18 weeks in utero

 Beth Sheheen McFadden

Louise Redford

Bob Shearer

Mac Sheheen

Patricia Ann Edwards Smith

Carol Vaughn

Rev. Phil Williams

Clover Gatling Wolf

2021 Honorariums

Jean Boggs

Pam Addy Cutter

Kristen, Kerry and Tim

Anna McElrath

Kelly and Angela Nash

St. Joseph Catholic Youth

Lisa Van Riper

Nina Rumler

Sally and Gene Zaleski

2020 Honorariums

Wayne Cockfield

Mary Kate Griffin

Gwen Hughey

Maggie Koestner

Anna McElrath

Tom and Lisa Militello

Lisa Van Riper

Milla M. Wilkes-Davis

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